Molding Glass Toroidal Lens

In the past, mass production of toroidal lenses was difficult. By installing high-precision molding processes we have changed this and are able to realize toroidal lenses at a high volume for a chaeper price.

  • Beam formation

  • Sensors that use aspherical toric lenses,e.g. with an elliptical detection area

  • Laser beam printers

  • Many other applications


Overall size

15mm or below

Center thickness

2mm to 15mm

Curvature radius of lens

10mm or over

Precision of lens surface shape

P-V=2µm or below

Surface roughness

Ra 0.015µm

Auf Anfrage bieten wir auch maßgeschneiderte Produkte innerhalb der uns möglichen Spezifikationen. Wir können auch Linsen mit Freiformoberflächen herstellen.

Beispiel Spezifikationen



Outside dimensions(X×Y)


Center thickness


Focal length

X-direction : 20mm
Y-direction : 25mm

Curvature radius

X-direction : 12.2mm
Y-direction : 15.3mm

Precision of lens surface shape

P-V=1.6µm or below

Surface roughness

Ra 0.015µm

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