Optical Glass -

many years of engagement in development and manufacture

Over the many years since its establishment SUMITA has been engaged in the development and manufacture of optical glass. Based on this acquired experience, we have developed dedicated manufacturing technologies and continue to enhance them every day. Our track record includes the manufacture of over 200 types of products and a significant contribution to worldwide manufacturing processes of optical devices. The further development of optical glass molding techniques have been have been a driving force for us, especially in recent years. SUMTIA has received international recognition for being the first to create a high refractive index glass for use in precision molding. This made the installation of super-wide angle lenses in miniaturized digital cameras and camera phones possible – a revolution in consumer electronics. Meanwhile we have also set our focus on manufacturing high functioning glass. While applying new and distinctive concepts we have added special optical characteristics to glass. Our techniques and products are receiving highest recognition among many partners and customers around the globe.

Optical Glass products

Sumita produziert eine Vielzahl an verschiedenen optischen Glassorten.
Fast alle sind für die herkömmliche Bearbeitung geeignet, einige auch für das sogenannte Präzisionsblankpressen…

Creating the big picture.together.

SUMITA Optical Glass - seit über einem halben Jahrhundert
setzen wir Maßstäbe in den Bereichen Optisches Glas,
Faseroptik und Funktionsglas.
Mit Ihnen, unseren Partnern und Kunden.